Mediwar Clone Deadline

I am going to be creating my own version of Mediwar. With this goal I need to set forth a deadline and now I have. I will be pushing to get a fully playable game out on October 25 of this year.

I have setup a free hosting account with 1freehosting. You can find where the game is to be at Mediwar Clone as of this post there is nothing but the default page provided by the host.

At this time I am working on a design doc of sorts that I shall post once it is done.

Great Artifacts

It is rumored that in the land of Medivelya there exists four powerful artifacts. Each artifact was created by the Black Merchant TenCharm . The mighty god Neon ordered there creation for a gift to the leaders of each race. They were given an object unique to the attributes. The object one shown didn’t seem like much at first until someone held it.
The first was handed to Scro. It appeared to be a meager stick at fist but once in his hand it transformed into a glorious Ax and with another thought a mighty sword. As he held it he felt stronger and more alive.
The next was handed to Vesdwar. It appeared as a normal rock . Once in Vesdwar hands in merged into him and formed a suit of magnificent armor that protected every part of him. With the armor Vesdwar mind became more aware.
Mhanus was given a pouch. Once in his hand it remained unchanged. He felt uneasy at first after seeing the others change once held He than slowly opened it and pulled out a fey gold coins and then more and yet more it seam unending . He quickly tied the pouch to his side once there his senses became sharper.
Last was Sevle who was handed a cloak With haste he put it on and vanished from sight, he removed the hood and returned to view. With the cloak on he felt more agile
Before they left they were told “ What you have just received can never be taken, you must eventually entrust it to someone ”. they returned to there kingdoms artifacts in hand, awaiting they day they would have to pas there mighty artifact on and pondering to home the would entrust such wonderful possessions.

Call to Arms

The land is in peril. We have been invaded and do nothing, we biker and argue over it and stand idly by as the plague spreads. We must unite are forces and become one to overthrow this danger that threatens are sanctity. We must be proud and vigilante and not let there threats overpower us. Stan up and defend your race I call all of you to arms. Every Elf , Orc Dwarf and Human is needed to overpower this invasion. O brave worriers of Medivelya the time to strike is now gathers your forces and destroy the weak invaders before they are free again. We need to destroy it before it conquers the great city yet again so do not fear it and attack it head on .
Fear not defeat for it is a part of war. Embrace any lose as a victory and strive to be the best. Let no one bully you. overcome all barriers that the invader has lade before us unite and chase it out of this land.

PapaBear vs Adelaidebull

Two mighty orcs faced of many years ago. It began on a dark night both orcs drunk from ale. They seamed to be at peace at first but suddenly they both gathered there ax and charged the other. There axes clashed , each leering into the others eyes. Smiles on there faces they used there might to get the other to yield, but it was useless, even drunk they both had enormous strength.
The tavern was deserted at this hour, only a fey got to see two battle it out. The owner began to shake his head, as to insinuate not again. He than screamed at the two “Take it outside”. neither moved for fear the other would attack, then suddenly one notice a window behind his foe. He then charged with force, he made contacted with his opponent and they both flew out the window. The bar keep fainted from the disaster upon his place.
Outside they gathered there ground, again in a stalemate neither giving the other any opportunity. They circled one another, each having a fierce look on there face. One orc roared “To hell with this” and charged. They clashed once again , this time they came close to killing each other. One
aimed at his opponent’s heart, the other aimed to decapitate his foe. At the last moment they realized both would die if the followed throe with this blow. They pulled back , a great deal of damage was still done one lost an eye the other had a deep gash on his chest. The two stood there bleeding, gasping for air and wondering how much longer this fight will last. They are both equal in there skill, to kill the other they would end up dieing also . They stood there for hours both slowly loosing consciousness from blood lose. Than suddenly they both faint. A female elf appears shaking her head whispering to herself “ You boys will never learn until you die. Is there not some other way to determine who pays the bar tab.
This is one tale of the two greatest mediwarlords battle. A fey things are cretin the two fought before they were renown in this land. The story is different if you ask the other but one thing neither will admit to the true reason each gives some bogus story for this fight, but they were ready to kill for the pettiest of thing that is true

Dreams and Ambitions

Well another wake-up with inspiration in mind. If this keeps up I can achieve many great things. What was on my mind you may ask? Well game creation.
One of the many things I am set on is to create games. How I go about doing this is going to be some hard work. I have finally decided to start small. At first when I came up with this big ideal to go into game creation all my mind was set on is to make that “Perfect Game”. Unfortunately this was impossible and has since kept me from my main task of creating games.
With a poll from DeviantArt my ambitions became clear. I must create something, form here I was determined to create a clone of Mediwar. Since the game is no longer receiving updates I will create my own.