Personal Writing Collection 1

Life is full of hope
Life is full of pain
With life I must cope
Death is what I seek for I hate life for it drives me insane.
In death I shall cope for it is the true end of pain life is what drives a man insane.
Hope is for the week life is miserable momentary joy is all I have not knowing if I even live I just wont to die to give up and not care what becomes of this world for it is full of temporary bliss nothing is everlasting nothings is for ever for no one will ever love someone who is pathetic and so fucked up Hate me hate me love has forsaken me I need love but no it not I need love to find life in myself.
I truly need help
I truly need love in my life
I hate myself and know not why
truth is nothing but a lie
I wish I’d just die
no one in this world would cry
for I am nothing but a fly.
When I look into a mirror I hate what I see I just wish death would come and fine me I hate the reflection for it is a wast of life I do nothing in life. I wast others time being nice suck it get one nowhere but hurt I try to do right to others but condemn myself. I am truly stupid. I know nothing but strangely I care for everything but myself. How can this be? If I could I would condemn myself to hell to save anyone on this earth. No one knows of my pain I put up a front I hide what I fell I never take risks I do nothing be be nice it is sickening what I am. I am not truly a man I less than nothing. I am just alone I have too much pain but this pain is inside. It has no reason to be it is on caused by me yet I can not stop it I need help strangely I’m like this an I know there is a God yet even hell must be better than the torment I cause myself. I just don’t understand why I do this to myself it is truly stupid to be the way I am but yet I again being alone sucks I need someone but who would want me.


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