I tend to over think. It is a weakness at times as I never get what needs to be done or even started. This has been present in my attempt to code websites. I am working on backend code but I focus on front end design over anything else and well get burned out with just design.

For my next task I am just going to code. So if I show anything it will not have much of a look. I am going to focus on the backend design. The database the PHP and all that wonderfulness that is unseen by anyone. I find it fun, yet tasking.

So hear is to hoping I get something up to show. I have set up a site some time back but never got around to using it. Now I have a free template I have found and will just post on it. So time saved for the moment. Well I am off to it.

You can find it As I Learn

Path of a Nerd

Well I have been getting back into a game call Dungeons and Dragons and in doing so I found a great little show called Misscliks D&D. Well I got back into D&D do to this show. I shall do a little how I found this.
So I have been watching table top for some time now and on the show they had a guest named Dodger. From there I was lead to The Game Station now called Polaris. So Polaris has its own website called polarisgo.com on there I found Table Flip Great show love it also. While watching table Flip I seen a link for RollPlay Ehbon episode not the first and do not remember exact one. I than sought out first one. And found it watched it and fell in love with it. On it was Neal from Neal I manged to find Misscliks. Yep long way around but we made it. Plus I get to plug and link to a lot of great things I like and make me happy so maybe I may make someone else happy, who know.

Well There you have it many grate things for someone who reads this to look at. Who reads this? Not sure anyone but hey it is out on the web so some search engine will. Hurray for search engines for reading what no one else does. Hmm glad I am on WordPress or no search engine would find me.


Well it has been some time since I wrote on here. Too long for that matter not that it is a big thing but it is a place to vent. The grate vast that is the internet so lonely yet so full. It is both an abyss and a crowd. I can talk to myself and everyone all at the same time. Not that anyone truly listens, I do not even listen I just well I do not know what I do.

So what is this post. Well it is nothing just like me. As you can clearly see I am a bit down at the moment. I have been trying << see that word it makes no since as if I did try I think I would have something to show but I do not, I stated this little post to try and show some appreciation for something I have fond some time back a show on YouTube called Misscliks great show. And it shall be on tonight so this is good. Not on YouTube but on twitch. I shall link to that later but fro now I shall keep my rant going.

So on to more nothing. I am a bit boiled at the moment and still unsure is to why. Well I know why but not sure why it relay bugs me. Okay lie there I know why just Ahhh life why do we live. Good God above help me.