Chapter 1: Uncertainty

I am a member of and with that I am coming up with stories for characters. Also I like to come up with odd looking names that even I can not say. I use to say it for me. I tend to put random things and find one that sounds good.

Born in the small town Eisenbrooke Vestra was ridiculed from a young age, children mocked her, adults avoided her all do to circumstances of her birth. On the cusp of a new age as all the men of Eisenbrooke had been away for nearly a year as Reiealya, Vestra’s mother had become pregnant. The women of Eisenbrooke seen this as a sign of evil for without a father the child was an omen of doom for the small town. This did not bother Reiealya as she just cast it off as superstition and she truly believed her husband had returned to her one night.
Vestra birth was normal and no conditions marked it as an ominous event yet the child was different, the eyes of the Vestra glowed bright green. The priest attending the birth seen this as a sign of purity and virtue but the others of the town did not.
A month or so after the birth of Vestra the men had returned from a distant war. Reiealya was thrilled “Soon my little Vestra you shall see you father.” she said in a soft loving voice as she hummed a lullaby as the men approached the town. As they came closer she soon seen the look of deviation in their eyes. Many of the soldiers where wounded and some where not even there. Reiealya walked over baby Vestra in hand “Torkieanirl, husband!” she called out. No one could look her in the eyes as the passed her their gaze went to the ground. “Torkieanirl!” Reiealya became frantic as she seen one of her husbands close friends. “Xeik where is my husband” Xeik’s eyes full of tears met hers. “I..” he hesitated “He did not make it, I’m sorry.” “This can not be true, he has a one moth old child. Torkieanirl!” she screamed. Xeik still saddened “Child, but how?” “He came to me last summer during the night during Highmash” Xeik’s eyes widened “Let us get you home.” Xeik escorted Reiealya back to her house sat her down. “Reiealya” he started slowly. “He was gone by than, it could not have been him.” “You lie! He was here that night, if not than how could I have.” she than held up Vestra her bright green eyes glowed as she looked up at Xeik. He was befuddled as he looked in her eyes “I, I see him he is.” he shook his head. “That can not be true he was dead by than. He saved me and many others but he died I seen it.” Xeik stood up “I do not know who’s child that is but it is not Torkieanirl’s.”
With no father no one believing Reiealya’s story about her husbands return Vestra was seen as a demon by all but one of the town people.


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