Chapter 2: Induction

Twelve years have passed The priest that witnessed the birth of Vestra had took it upon himself to aid the child and her mother. He shared his knowledge of the gods and their impact on the day to day world. Vestra took the priest lessons to heart, she would not allow those who bullied her to put her down. She seen them as ignorant and afraid of her for reasons that she did not understand yet she did not allow them to change her.
Soon it became apparent that Vestra’s body was not aging like other children. At the age of fifteen she still only looked to be ten. It became apartment to the others in the village and they did not take it any better than her birth. Some even threatened to harm her as others wished she would just leave the town. On a faithful night priest Harmarsh decided it would be a good ideal if Vestra and her mother to stay at the church. It was a choice that saved both their lives as someone took it upon themselves to burn Vestra’s home down. Reiealya took this as a sign to move. Harmarsh sent word to an old friend and within a week a tall beautiful women came to the small town. She was dressed in bright shining armor and road in on large steed.
As she strolled into the center of town and dismounted her hours many of the towns people gathered to see what was going on. Xeik managed to get a glance at the women and he new exactly who she was as he seen her on the front lines during Dawning of Nester, the very battle that Vestra’s father died in.
“Is this the child Harmarsh?” the women asked the priest. “Yes, this is she. Her and her mother shall be ready to depart by the morrow.” the priest replied. “Good I shall take in the sights of this little village before than.” she said “Ha, not much to see here Alalorra but go have your fill.”
The night went on and Alalorra soon seen what Harmarsh said. She soon returned to the church and met with Reiealya and Vestra. As Alalorra entered the room Vestra stood up and eyed her and spoke in a language that both Reiealya and Harmarsh never heard her speak. “A pleasure to meet you my lady” Vestra said with a bow. In return Alalorra replied in the same tongue “A pleasure indeed” Looking at Harmarsh “You did not inform me in your letter the child new the Divine Tongue” “Well that is becomes I did not even know until just now” Harmarsh replied.
Night past and the sun soon began to shine Vestra and her mother where all packed and ready to go. As the walked out to the carriage that was prepared Vestra looked up a Alalorra “Where are we going exactly?” “Well young one we I am escorting you to Aneyvaugrra” Reiealya looked at Alalorra and asked her “Are you a Paladin of the Gray Watch?” A grin appeared on Alalorra’s face “That I am.”


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