Chapter 3:Destiny

Much time had passed Vestra’s mind had age but her body was still low to catch up. Ten years went by and Vestra only looked as if she was sixteen. Her mother and instructors at Aneyvaugrra where unaware of what she truly was as she was the first of her kind in this realm. As she studied and learned they in turn studied but could not quit learn much about her, she was truly a mystery.
She spoke to many of her teachers in the Divine Tongue only taught to the purist of hearts yet for Vestra it can naturally. During one of her nightly sessions all light within the room vanished. Vestra spoke a word and light as bright as day shined from some miraculous light from the center of the room. The teacher new this magic all to well and informed Alalorra.
The next day Alalorra went to Vestra “There is something about you I can not understand, yet I can see you are pure.” Vestra looked into Alalorra’s eyes “I am the daughter of an angel. My father came to me in a dream last night.” “For some reason I believe you but to say that in front of another could cost you your life. I think it is time I take you to join my group. We can show you the path to pure light.” Alalorra said. “I would like that, I think it is my calling.” Vestra replied.
That evening Alalorra approached Reiealya yet before she could speak “He came to me once more last night my husband was here. I know what you are going to ask. It is hard to send a child away but I know it is the thing to do.” Reiealya said. “You are truly blessed I believe your husband sacrifice in life earned the respect of our Lady Iomedae.”Alalorra said with a nod. With a smile Reiealya replied “As do I.” Alalorra took Vestra once more this time to be taught the ways of a holly warrior to become Paladin of the Gray Watch.
As she arrived in the heart of Mesimaya the home for a Paladin of the Gray Watch, Vestra seen her future before her and it was not an easy one. She would train and learn the ways of the Paladin’s and show the world the Path of Light.
Another ten years passed and over the age of thirty only looked as if she was eighteen took it as time to leave and see the world. She had the knowledge of the Paladin’s and seen it best to return to her mother and say one final goodby before she sought out the life she was destined for.


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