You may not believe it but the sight works. It takes time to build up enough to withdraw but if you are willing you can get paid to just read emails.
I have been doing it off and on for three years and have cashed 2 checks totaling $85.32. I know it is not much but it is something. The more active you are the more you get. There are plenty of trials and things that adds credit to you account and once it hits $30 you can get a check mailed to you. It is worth a try at least.
By using the link below you also help me get more money off it so check it out and just see if it something for you.

I Seek Knowledge

The web is vast, too vast for one person to find every little bit of knowledge the seek. Yet I want to find things that may not be so easy to find. Not sure if it can be found as most of it may not even exist.

As I create my universe I will need to learn how to create one. The good thing is magic exists so not everything needs an explanation but for the most part I want everything to have its place.
I have a task ahead of me. The primary “world” will be the size of size of the Milky Way, yes that is beyond huge. in fact it is beyond anything I can think of but not what I can imagine. The “world” will have night and day, seasons and be well vast and full of life.
How many suns would this “world” need? How long would a year be? Is there even a year? All of thees questions and more I want an answer to.

After that I need to build parts of this world. Something so massive will take time and it is not something I want to ever be done. I want it to expand as people build there own parts to it. I want this place to exist not just in my mind but in the minds of other. Something on this scale has never been done and for good reason, it can’t.

Yet I am setting out do do just that. Something that is imposable something that many will think a waste of time but you know what it is my time to waste.

So much to learn so much to do but I can not do it alone. Help me anyway you can.

I am an Internet Beggar

It just hit me. I am begging for money and it is not bothering me. I am a bit scared at this. You see I do not truly think someone will come along and give me the money, yet I hope and wish the would. I have turned that “I wish”, “what if” into posts. The post are there for me mostly, they are a cry from deep within. How would the money help me? It is just money and money can not buy happiness. You see happiness is not a measurement of what one has, it is what one feels. Money can lead to temporary joy but life is full of moments that pass and than the darkness returns and you are left in the cold dark place in your mind.

I wish and dream that I could change in an instant but I can not I am not and will not be anything until I allow myself to fail. I fear failing, it is natural I know yet I do not understand why. I also fear success, as I think if I became something other than what I am I would not like it. Change comes and it is not welcome but deep done I need it.

I am a leach, I live off the others. I am on food stamps and stay with my grandmother. It is sad. I do nothing that would be considered productive yet I am alive, why? It pains me to see others die when they have a life. I would like to be the one to die. I would like for death to find me, for I do not live. I waste my life and my time doing nothing. It is sad.

I want to change, I want to live I want to see what life is and this is why I beg this is why I seek out money to see if someone sees some value in me. I do not want a handout but I am not afraid to ask who knows someone may just be the person to give me money but there are far more better things to spend it on.

Hey look me begging for more money online

Newegg Wishlist

Well not that anyone will go and buy this stuff for me. I am looking for a new computer, one I want to put together myself if you wish to buy a part checkout my wishlist on

As I am dreaming thinking someone will come and buy me parts why not go all the way and put some laptops for you to buy me. O and why not here are some full build systems with outrageous price tags.

Jokes aside I would like to get something that would allow me to rise above my own self doubt. This is not a joke in any way I would like to get a new system set up and to use it to live a better life. It will help me it will.