Qyxzah: Basic Info

This post will just be some basic info about Qyxzah no story yet.

Edition: D&D 5th
Rolled: 17, 17, 13,13 12 10
Using https://app.roll20.net to play the game online.
This is a solo game so jut me and a DM.
Starting level: 1st
Domain: Tempest
The game will be using feats and with that I used variant human traits.
Human traits: +1 Wis, +1 Str, Feat(Tavern Brawler), Skill(Perception)

To power players Tavern Brawler may not be the best feat but it shall fit the background I am going to write.

Stats at level 1:STR:14(+2) DEX:13(+1) CON:18(+4) INT:10(0) WIS:18(+4) CHA:12(+1)
HP:12 AC:17(Scale Mail, Shield,+1 DEX)
Weapon: Warhammer

I am creating a custom background but used the Outlander background feature wanderer.
Skills(nature, survival)
Tool proficiency(Herbalism kit)

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Dream Life

If things where at there best or at least as good as I can get it. This is what  I would like my life to be like.

I would awake in a home that I own with someone I love next to me. I would ready myself for the day ahead one without stress or frustration. The day would consist of me doing the things that make me happy; reading a book, watching a movie or TV show, playing a game on the computer, spending time with the people I love and may other things.

I understand that his could be real if I worked if I strive to achieve this dream it will become life. I have lived for over three decades and I have not done anything to improve my well being. It is time to change time to wake up and stop dreaming and to make my life what I want it to be. Yet I can not do this alone, I need help and seek it not from any that read this but from the people that are in my life. I need to find my path and follow it to the life that I deserve.

A Waste

I sit here wondering, what should I be doing? As I think this time passes and well it was time wasted. I need to find something that fits me, something that awakes the creative within. I want to awaken the true me, the one that is full of life and dedicates each moment for something that is better.

I find it hard to move past the walls I have build. Each day is a task, every moment is one that I let fade. I wonder,wait and the world passes me. Who am I? What shall I become? If I continue down the path I have set nothing but a waste.

Take Back Your Data

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New Year Same Me

A self infected hash life is what I live. I want more but stand idle, I hunger for knowledge but  never look beyond my own door. Why is it that I can not move past the stagnant waste I have become? Why do I wait for something that will never show  up?

I want more I want lots more than the nothing that I am, yet I do nothing to improve. I sit and wait for some miracle, some divine intervention that will lift me up for my isolation and move me in a way that I could never imagine.

I am nothing and shall forever remain nothing until I wake up and live a life. I am my own miracle and I am the only one that can change me.