It is time for me to wake up, time for me to set out and finish something that I have began. This path that I am on will not lead me to the place I wish to go. I must depart this mindset and start fresh. It will not be easy but it shall be worth it. What I am to do I do not know. How I am to wake up and start living, well this is something I have not put much time in.
I know in my heart that I must change, I must become something more, that I am worth a lot more than I give myself credit for. Yet each day is a waste, each moment lost. I must wake up, I must see the light and I must move forward. I have done this same thing many times. I want this one to be the one that puts me on a path of improvement, a path of self enlightenment.
This moment now is one that must last one that can not be undone. The fog of my mind must stay clear and I shall do my best to not fall back into the dreadful sleep of self doubt, despair and self loathing.

God give me the strength I need to fight. The power to wake up when I once again began to fall asleep. The motivation to move forward and the wisdom I need to complete the things I set my mind on.