Health and Well-being: PCH Week Three

A Dream
Yep I know this is a dream and that the odds of me winning are well, not in my favor. I do know that winning this would be a life changer, one that I welcome with open arms. I dream and I pray that I win this with all that is in me and I truly believe I deserve it.

Week one pay off bills, week two get loans for a home and vehicle. Not much but it is what is needed to get set for the future.

Health and Well-being
As for week three, I would get my health under check. I would finally go and see a doctor after more than ten years of not seeing one. I would also get both health and life insurance. So in short another short week of spending but it sets me up for a hopefully a long and healthy life. Seven thousand a week for life is going to be peace of mind that myself and people I love will well be set for life.


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