I live

It has been sometime since I have written anything here not that anyone reads it but it is for me anyway.

I am alive, still not living “My Best Life” but I am working on it, or at least one that I am happy with.

Can’t do it alone yet I still live in my shell keeping people at arm’s length. Working on this also. Working on a lot of things, most just wishful thinking and hopes and dreams and nothing solid or good for my mental health.


I dream and pray to win the lotto like so many others. Not sure why money can only do so much and it will not do what I truly want. I just think I can do so much with it, good intentions. A quote that comes to mind: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  Yet I do think I will do good things with it. I will not be greedy, will not be too giving also. I will do my best if I won to find a middle ground, what that entails I’m still uncertain on.


I still seek a handout as you can tell. I want the world to give and not work for it all. Sigh. Not sure why… laziness or I am and just don’t wish to truly admit it.  But I live I learn and I do my best to live a life that is… who am I kidding I am just a waste of space. Good day.