Dream Life

If things where at there best or at least as good as I can get it. This is what  I would like my life to be like.

I would awake in a home that I own with someone I love next to me. I would ready myself for the day ahead one without stress or frustration. The day would consist of me doing the things that make me happy; reading a book, watching a movie or TV show, playing a game on the computer, spending time with the people I love and may other things.

I understand that his could be real if I worked if I strive to achieve this dream it will become life. I have lived for over three decades and I have not done anything to improve my well being. It is time to change time to wake up and stop dreaming and to make my life what I want it to be. Yet I can not do this alone, I need help and seek it not from any that read this but from the people that are in my life. I need to find my path and follow it to the life that I deserve.

Take Back Your Data

Your data has value and well you can cash in on it. It is not an overnight thing and takes time but it works. So far I have only made just over $3 and it has been payed to my PayPal. Like I said it takes time and I have been registered for 3 months and have not made much but I have not connected everything (mainly do to not having accounts to all that they collect data from.) It is worth your time to check out if you do not mind people buying your information. Keep in mind that if you are part of any of the popular social sties that are out there someone else is capitulating off your data. So why not get paid yourself it is your data after all.

To find out more check out https://datacoup.com/ and sign up and see if it is something for you. Who knows you may make more than I did.




You may not believe it but the sight works. It takes time to build up enough to withdraw but if you are willing you can get paid to just read emails.
I have been doing it off and on for three years and have cashed 2 checks totaling $85.32. I know it is not much but it is something. The more active you are the more you get. There are plenty of trials and things that adds credit to you account and once it hits $30 you can get a check mailed to you. It is worth a try at least.
By using the link below you also help me get more money off it so check it out and just see if it something for you.

I Seek Knowledge

The web is vast, too vast for one person to find every little bit of knowledge the seek. Yet I want to find things that may not be so easy to find. Not sure if it can be found as most of it may not even exist.

As I create my universe I will need to learn how to create one. The good thing is magic exists so not everything needs an explanation but for the most part I want everything to have its place.
I have a task ahead of me. The primary “world” will be the size of size of the Milky Way, yes that is beyond huge. in fact it is beyond anything I can think of but not what I can imagine. The “world” will have night and day, seasons and be well vast and full of life.
How many suns would this “world” need? How long would a year be? Is there even a year? All of thees questions and more I want an answer to.

After that I need to build parts of this world. Something so massive will take time and it is not something I want to ever be done. I want it to expand as people build there own parts to it. I want this place to exist not just in my mind but in the minds of other. Something on this scale has never been done and for good reason, it can’t.

Yet I am setting out do do just that. Something that is imposable something that many will think a waste of time but you know what it is my time to waste.

So much to learn so much to do but I can not do it alone. Help me anyway you can.

Get Paid to Review Music: What?

Not sure if this is real or what but hey I like music and I like to write. It will take some time to get anything from it as I am not the best at writing.
I thought to share http://www.slicethepie.com/?wyd=962734 it is a site I found today and well you listen to music type in a review and they give you a little money. You need to bank up to $10 before a withdraw (I have yet to make it this high so not sure if I will get any money or not.) If you use that link I get 10% of what you make so that could speed me up. If you do not want a link to help me that just use this one http://www.slicethepie.com/