I Seek Knowledge

The web is vast, too vast for one person to find every little bit of knowledge the seek. Yet I want to find things that may not be so easy to find. Not sure if it can be found as most of it may not even exist.

As I create my universe I will need to learn how to create one. The good thing is magic exists so not everything needs an explanation but for the most part I want everything to have its place.
I have a task ahead of me. The primary “world” will be the size of size of the Milky Way, yes that is beyond huge. in fact it is beyond anything I can think of but not what I can imagine. The “world” will have night and day, seasons and be well vast and full of life.
How many suns would this “world” need? How long would a year be? Is there even a year? All of thees questions and more I want an answer to.

After that I need to build parts of this world. Something so massive will take time and it is not something I want to ever be done. I want it to expand as people build there own parts to it. I want this place to exist not just in my mind but in the minds of other. Something on this scale has never been done and for good reason, it can’t.

Yet I am setting out do do just that. Something that is imposable something that many will think a waste of time but you know what it is my time to waste.

So much to learn so much to do but I can not do it alone. Help me anyway you can.

Put me to Work

Give me something to Write About

Time to stop asking for someone to give me money why not see if they will put me to work. That is correct if there is something you want me to write about just let me know and I will do my best to cover your topic. Some restrictions will apply so keep that in mind.

Low Cost

Yep I will not ask for much and I will set only two prices for what you want me to write. The first is just $1; this will be something that I at least know a little about. I will do my best to get the word count to 500 but no guarantee on that it will be at least be 200 words with no intentional fluff. You will get all my spelling and grammar mistakes for free of course.

The other is $5 and this one will be something I would have to research on. 500 word count guarantee on this one. Grammar and spelling will be edited the best I can keep in mind software can do so much.

How about it?

Put me to work on something and I will get it to you within a week depending on what it is./p>

Whats in a Name?

As I think of what to call the world I am building I wonder, what is in a name? You see it is not easy to think of something that is grand as noting starts out that way. In my past I have had an ideal for a world name, I have thought of cites names as well. One name stands out for me; Khaotica or maybe Kaotica. Not sure how I want to spell it just yet but the sound the same. It should be easy to note that the name is from Chaos something I find oddly beautiful. Now that I have a name for this world it is now time to come up with more things for it. One thing that will be fun is the Cosmology of it all as it is more than one planet it is a whole universe I am about to create.

Creating a Story

It has been some time since I sat down to create something, I believe I am going to do just that. I am going to create a story using D&D as my guild. As I am in control of the world things will end up going my way for my characters but I will do my best to create something that is readable and enjoyable. I have stated already that I will create my very own world and this will play a part of it but a small one at that. As I am in time going to create my very own system like D&D. The rules and world and all that. It will be a daunting task but one I take with pride.

Now I shall be using http://www.d20pfsrd.com/ and many other free sources that I can find to further my goal to create this world and story within it. Any help would be great so if you have anything to share please do.