Why should I donate to you?

Short answer, I am worth it. My brain may try to trick me from time to time that I am worthless but I am not. I have value and I want to share it with others. Any amount you can give will show me that I am right in thinking I have value. Any amount helps me build up a better understanding of who I am and what I will do in life.

What are you going to use the money for?

I will use every bit of the donations I receive to improve my existence on this earth. I will invest in myself in a way that will make life more enjoyable for me and the people around me. I want to learn more things and become better at the things that I know and your donations will help me do just that.

How do I donate?

Well first of thank you for being so kind. If you would like to donate to me head over to streamlabs and send me you donation and a message.

To any and all that donate I am very thankful for your generosity and I will use every dollar to improve my way of life. You will see a change in me as I update this site ever so often.