Low Mood:Depresion

It is not good at all when your mood gos from a happy one to a sad one with out any real reason. From having fund to wanting to die without any notice or real cause.
Yes I am sad that I have yet to get one donation for my indiegogo even if it is just day one. But that is not what set me off. I do not even know what set me off I just had my feeling hurt and took it too hard. Over a game, relay. Am I this messed up that I got upset by not being able to play the way I wanted. Yes and it sucks! I want a normal life I want to live I want to enjoy things and not get depressed when someone does something so minute. Odd thing I am done with the game I just left it. It is not an only game or a video game but one played in the mind called Dungeons and Dragons.
I got upset over not being able to play “smart” I am not one to “meta” but I felt that my character was going to be different to try and play something to try and be part of a world that is full of magic and wonder. And than told nope that is not common your character would not know it by the DM hurt. It is a world of magic and wonder, a world where the player is playing someone that is not typical.
A bit of a rant yes but you know what if I can not get that thing funded I shall need to find a way to live and to express myself. And to the few that read this if any as all I get is likes and subs but no comments would be nice to hear something even an insult.