Fleeting Respite

Jagged, hurt and alone. I have not sentiment for self pity, but I am lost, afraid and seek guidance, someone help me, anyone. I call out in the night for some reply from any who may hear, for any who has a voice come to me and give me your thoughts your aid your love. Lost alone, never without questions I seek something, something I can not see or hear something within me that is vacant.

Whispers in my mind say that the day is not done, that I must move on from the sorrow I have in this world, for myself since I am not alone.

Night turns to day and yet the feeling of self is not lost and I am wondering what will be next, what will this day bring. Who am I to question why am I here, more questions yet no one to answer.

Fear turns into doubt and doubt into self hate I am without but I am full of more that I can imagine. Felling loneliness I ponder what is next what will be. I look to what may be and find nothing, darkness a pitch black veil have the unknown yet I sit idle and wait for the world to move by without any thought of what time is wasted, time that could be used for something more.

Looking Forward

Life is a journey one I have it has many turns and bumps that one must overcome. For me life has been a bit off, I know I am lucky as things can be worse but in my mind things are unbearable. I am alive but I do not project life upon myself I sit and do nothing yet there is more to me there is a lot that I can offer if someone would just help me. Not with money just words, you know words can do a lot of good to a persons self value words from a person that can be good or bad. Just something to let me know that I am being seen and heard, it is not much and should never be asked.

I see what life can be and I know that if I would just get out and do things that I would make life worth the pain that is in my head. I look to the future and see great things hopes and dreams that can be achieved if I just put out a bit more effort to get it all done. But as I see that I have no value to the world at this point I just sit and let life go by and this is wrong, I must break free from my self made prison and go out and live a life.

About the things I want to do. If you check out http://igg.me/at/restart/x you can see what I would like to try and achieve. You can see my sould in a way if you just looked within the words that I type out for any that is willing to read.

So I ask is there anyone willing to help me? Not with your money but your words.