If I had a Million Dollars.

It is time for me to play “What If.” So what if I had a million dollars? I hope that I would spend the money on things that are needed and not wanted but I know that I would do a bid of both. This is a what I would put the money towards if I had it.

Some may say that a million dollars is not much I laugh at that as I could do so much with it. By some chance I got a million dollars I would not waste it, well I my eyes it would not be a waste. First off I would get a car as I am without at the moment. Then I would buy my own home, yea renting is overrated it would be time to own something. After that I would invest in myself a bit. Lastly I would give some to friends and family members that I believe deserve it.
So I new car or used one, that would be my next decision. New is good but cost more as used could cost more later on do to where and tare on it, I think new would be best. Price range from $15,000 to $20,000 including tax and tag fees. Car insurance for say 5 years on the new car estimating $2,000 year cost for best one total about $30,000 for a car with full insurance. A bit high but I started with an imaginary million so I still have $970,000 left and a lot more that can be done with it.
Now lets buy a house, first thing is location. Where do I want to live? This should not be that hard but it is. I love Tennessee but I am from Florida and would not mind living in either. I will have to say Tennessee, not sure but I like cold over heat. So max cost I would go for a home is $70,000 I could buy two homes with that in some places but lets stay with one. Estimated cost for homeowners insurance is oddly about the same as the car $2,000 a year. So lets add another $10,000 to compensate for that bringing the estimated total for a home to $80,000 including estimated property tax for five years the new total is more like $84,000. So I have a place to live for the next five years not including utilities for around eight-four thousand dollars not bad a bit high as I could bring it lower if needed but this is just fiction anyway. Eight hundred eighty-six dollars left and a lot more that can be done.
Self investment is another way of me saying buying the things I want over the things I need. So lets say this is an arbitrary value of $86,000 that will go to be buying odds and ends for the new house gas for the car food and utilities for the day to day of life for five years yea I think that is more than enough to live off of for the next five years even if I did splurge and spend $3,000 on say computer, games and other entertainment. So now we are left with $800,000 that I for one do not need. I could live off $200,000 for five years this is a bit expensive and me living a life that is a bit out of reach for most to even dream about.
Now I would easily give my sister $500,000 as she has done more for me than anyone on this earth. Another $100,000 would go to a friend of mine who I have not seen in some time but she is a great friend and has helped me in times of need also. Another $100,000 would go to some of my cousins divided among them as the have also helped me out but there would be stipulations for the money. Fifty thousand would go to some of my current neighbors who have helped my grandmother out in times of need. The last $50,000 if my math is correct would go to charities that I think deserve it.
So $1,000,000 millions tax free dollars spent on things That I would like to have and most of it is not even on myself just $200,000 over five years. I think it is a good way to spend it so who out there wants to give me some money?