Seven Days

As I write this there is only seven days left to my little experiment that I somehow new would not make any money. yet I think that it could at this moment there is someone out there that may just read this and say hey why not. This is a dream but it could become reality. I have not pushed as much as I needed to get this funded but it is something that I truly believe that can change my life for the better. So if you are reading this and there is time left for you to donate than please head over to and just add $1 to support me and my new outlook on life. I am truly begging you now help me help myself live a life.

If you could find it in your soul to aid me I thank you and I will prove you you that it was not a waist. I will dedicate my life to something other than self destruction.

Looking Forward

Life is a journey one I have it has many turns and bumps that one must overcome. For me life has been a bit off, I know I am lucky as things can be worse but in my mind things are unbearable. I am alive but I do not project life upon myself I sit and do nothing yet there is more to me there is a lot that I can offer if someone would just help me. Not with money just words, you know words can do a lot of good to a persons self value words from a person that can be good or bad. Just something to let me know that I am being seen and heard, it is not much and should never be asked.

I see what life can be and I know that if I would just get out and do things that I would make life worth the pain that is in my head. I look to the future and see great things hopes and dreams that can be achieved if I just put out a bit more effort to get it all done. But as I see that I have no value to the world at this point I just sit and let life go by and this is wrong, I must break free from my self made prison and go out and live a life.

About the things I want to do. If you check out you can see what I would like to try and achieve. You can see my sould in a way if you just looked within the words that I type out for any that is willing to read.

So I ask is there anyone willing to help me? Not with your money but your words.