Health and Well-being: PCH Week Three

A Dream
Yep I know this is a dream and that the odds of me winning are well, not in my favor. I do know that winning this would be a life changer, one that I welcome with open arms. I dream and I pray that I win this with all that is in me and I truly believe I deserve it.

Week one pay off bills, week two get loans for a home and vehicle. Not much but it is what is needed to get set for the future.

Health and Well-being
As for week three, I would get my health under check. I would finally go and see a doctor after more than ten years of not seeing one. I would also get both health and life insurance. So in short another short week of spending but it sets me up for a hopefully a long and healthy life. Seven thousand a week for life is going to be peace of mind that myself and people I love will well be set for life.

Seven Days

As I write this there is only seven days left to my little experiment that I somehow new would not make any money. yet I think that it could at this moment there is someone out there that may just read this and say hey why not. This is a dream but it could become reality. I have not pushed as much as I needed to get this funded but it is something that I truly believe that can change my life for the better. So if you are reading this and there is time left for you to donate than please head over to and just add $1 to support me and my new outlook on life. I am truly begging you now help me help myself live a life.

If you could find it in your soul to aid me I thank you and I will prove you you that it was not a waist. I will dedicate my life to something other than self destruction.