I sit wondering what the day shall bring hoping that inspiration hits me. I ponder on many things yet nothing seams to stick into my mind as I try to think of something to do with my time. At this moment that something is to just type random things as they come to my mind. I hope that can do more with my life, pray that I can wake up from the nightmare that is my reality.
Yet it is not as easy as it should be, I question on things that should not be and wish for things that can never be. I am lost, alone afraid of what is to come. Hope is in me yet it does not surface, it lingers in the back of my mind cowering from the world that around me. I want more no I need more, to be something, to do something yet I do nothing. I am a waste.
Time, times is not on my side as I am a person that waste time someone that just sits idle as the world passes me. I am nothing more than what I make of myself and I make nothing of myself. A coward, afraid of both success and failure. I pause at the moment I see any prospect of hope. Daunting and without motivation I sit waiting for a miracle that shall never come, hoping for something to fall in place. Yet nothing ever does.
I need to rise up, to awaken yet I can not do it alone. I can not do it without help. I need help, guidance from anyone that is willing. So to any that read this please send me something anything.